I signed up for low income housing for the disable and I have 2 service dogs and I was told by the housing authority that I can have only?

one pet ,well I informed the lady my service dogs are not my pets though I love them dearly but they are my service animals and I have a medical prescription letter personally written and signed by my ... show more
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Are die hard batteries being discontinued?

Since Sears have almost gone the way of the dinosaurs, are die hard batteries going to be obsolete and the brand become defunct?
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Why would a guy "convince" his fiancee to give up her dreams of a big wedding?

My best friend since kindergarten is getting married in March. This is very last minute, as they got engaged on New Years Eve. (They've been dating two years). The thing is Callie has been d ... show more
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How many guys can cook?

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Fun birthday ideas?

My 21st birthday is coming up and I want to invite a group of my friends out to do something fun. We haven t been friends long enough to where I expect them to know when my birthday is coming up. Almo ... show more
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What part of the chicken do the legs come from?

When eating it as meat
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Any solutions for a really hot room year-round?

I have 1 giant window in my room on the east side, and only 1 vent. Despite the rest of the house being at 70 degrees, my room will become 100 degrees in the summer. We had to buy black-out curtains s ... show more
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How do you feel about the Blaxploitation movie genre?

I'm more so talking about the ones that came out during the 1970's or 80's like The Mack, Dolmite, Coffy, etc. But all thoughts from any decade are more then appreciated ... show more
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I'm having a hard time house training our puppy, what's your best advice??

When we adopted him the shelter said he's a shih tzu/chihuahua. He's about 12 wks old now. We've tried the sprays that supposedly makes them not want to potty in the house...doesn't work. He chews up ... show more
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Do leftists know that their unfairness and hatred towards Trump will create distrust and opposition that will last for many generations?

The leftists and the media has lost all of it's credibility with the general population. The back lash to their anti-Trump hysterics and lies will last for generations. In the ling run the left ... show more
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Prince Philip, 97, a danger on the road and an out of touch old fart. Why hasn't his licence been revoked?

Any 'normal' person probably wouldn't still have a licence at 97 or if they did, and caused an accident, it would have been taken off them quick smart. When the will English establishm ... show more
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What city do you live in?

I'm in Calgary, Alberta (Canada)
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