Why was my boss angry when I did this (please read story)?

I've been looking for a job for a few months, and I've been applying every few days. Finally, I was granted an interview by this company, who told me that they would pay me about $35k mor ... show more
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Does this sound legit?

Need a little advice from anyone with car sales experience. A peron goes and applies for a new car loan. They're looking to trade in a car valued at $6700. The new car is priced at $25k. All in a ... show more
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PC Hardware or Software issues?

I changed my pc parts a couple days ago and it doing great, i only replaced the motherboard, got 1 8gb stick of ram and cpu but then today i got a windoes update and as soon as it updated my pc starte ... show more
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I want to buy my son a good TV for Christmas $500 or under. What are your reccomendations?

He plays a lot of video games and watches Netflix and Hulu a lot
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Why does Burger King have the slowest service in the entire fast food industry?

Is that their motto or purposely hire the worst employees ever? Why do they insist on charging you 8 dollars for a Whopper combo and comes with fries that has 7 fries in it?
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Will my professor notice?

I'm suposed to write a 4-5 page draft in mla format 12 font. To make it look longer I increased the periods at the end of every sentence to 14. Btw: They're not grading by word count. ... show more
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Do you believe in Free Will?

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What can I substitute for foil?

I'm cooking a turkey and I don't have any foil. What can I substitute for foil?
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Idk what to get my boyfriend for Christmas?

He really likes Doctor who but doesn t like daleks, action figures/plushies, cooking utensils, shirts or pocket watches (or rc figures). He hates alarm clocks and wants something with a purpose. What ... show more
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Who is Trump's BIGGEST cheerleader?

A. Sean Hannity B. Rush Limbaugh C. Lou Dobbs D. Senator Lindsey Graham E. Other ... show more
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Is it okay to leave the heater plugged in over time?

Both of my parents are out at work and I didn t want to risk getting late to school just so I check up on it. I was hoping it wouldnt be too bad as I know I did turn it off, I just don t know if I too ... show more
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How come Iron Maiden's song has a negative view on Vikings?

In the song "invaders", the lyrics says the Saxons and Vikings were "enemies". Did they even read a wink of their own history? Actually, Saxons and Vikings were the same ethnic cu ... show more
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German shepherd puppy out of control?

My German shepherd puppy is fine in the house and is a friendly happy dog but when I take him out he becomes a nightmare he barks and lunges at other dogs and chases cars constantly how can I stop thi ... show more
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As House democrats have already announced their going to start 80 some od investigations against Trump, how will they react when...?

...Lindsey Graham in the Senate said if they do that, the senate will bring Hillary back in the spot light and this time, no cover ups, no sweeping any of it under the carpet. Subpoena emails destroy ... show more
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Being pressured to get an abortion?

Me and this guy I am dating at uni had unprotected sex on the 23rd Nov and took Ella One on the fifth day after that on the 28th. The first day of my last period was on the 10th Nov which means I ovul ... show more
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Cscx - sinx = cotx*cosx?

with steps please? ive been trying to figure it out to no luck
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How would you feel if Joel Osteen made it to Heaven?

Me I hope he will get to have a trillion times more gifts and rewards in Heaven than what he's gotten to have here on Earth.
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How to hide self harm for beach day?

Ok so the top of my left foot and some of my ankle has a considerable number of "scars." My high school has a end of year leavers beach day planned that I would really like to attend but I also do not ... show more
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