Did you know the Jonestown Cult were Atheists by the point they'd formed a Commune?

Even while he was still preaching in The US, Jones threw the Bible off the Pulpit during Service and declared something along the lines of "we don't need this anymore". Then in The ... show more
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How can trade I in a new car I bought 3 months ago?

I still owe 20k on the car but after driving it for a awhile I'm not happy. Should I try to pay it down some more or trade it in for something I like?
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Can wiping a smartphone with wet tissue and pressing the home button cause an electric shock?

I was wiping my smartphone using wet wipes mixed with water. While wiping, I pressed the wet wipe against the home button which pressed the button. This made me worried/paranoid that this caused an el ... show more
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If you only had $2 per day to spend at fast food?

Where would you go and what would you buy?
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Where is the best location at home for studying?

I've heard that studying near the sunlight is good for our brain when studying. So, by this fact, studying nearby sunlight, do we always need to find a time where we can see the sunlight to stu ... show more
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Is love in the air?

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If Methane causes global warming, Why are world like Uranus and Neptune so cold?

Even Titan has an entire lake of methane.
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My mom keeps saying I can't get a horror game?

Though it's not even horror it's action/ adventure she only says it's horror cuz it's night time in the game based on her logic "Luigis mansion"is demonic I keep trying t ... show more
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Our grandchildren in the late 21st century will be forced to eat vevetables as the global population soars to more than 10 billion...?

It simply takes too much water to grow a steak. In a new report, leading water scientists say the human population would have to switch to an almost entirely vegetarian diet by 2050 to avoid catastrop ... show more
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What do you do about products with 'quirks' in it?

Like I have a vacuum cleaner I just recently bought. The trap door holding the hepa filter keeps coming loose and both the trap door and hepa would keep falling out of the vacuum cleaner intermitte ... show more
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How do you feel about the Blaxploitation movie genre?

I'm more so talking about the ones that came out during the 1970's or 80's like The Mack, Dolmite, Coffy, etc. But all thoughts from any decade are more then appreciated ... show more
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Why aint libs understnd that the KKK is lib cause the democrats started them in 1800s?

and that it aint matter that republicans now love the confederit flag?
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How Come Traditional Female Names Never Become Unisex?

All male names have been used on one girl or more, and most of them do have feminine middle names, so don't tell them "there are so many feminine names to choose from" when they are still using tradit ... show more
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What exactly are no boys allowed school days?

Why is our school inviting my daughter to learn more and get excited about college, but not my son?
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Why is the lady with the broken hand so pleased with a letter from Prince Philip?

She picked it up and read it using the good hand. Why didn't Philip put a cheque in with it if he is really sorry?
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What has Pochettino actually achieved as a manager?

I keep hearing about how amazing he is but he's only had good spells at two of the clubs he's managed.
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