Is she beautifull in your opinion?

I am just asking because she told me that she is gorgeous....
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Laws between renting townhouse and apartment?

Is there any different laws between the 2?
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Do you wish you were a member of The British Royal Family?

Or are you happy being a nobody that no one cares about?
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Why do we use so many pesticides?

Sounds to me like they're destroying our environment.
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Why do some married men take girlfriends and mistresses?

Why isn't their wife enough for them?
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Do you think the Powerball and Mega Millions are scams?

I'm asking this because it seems that the 3 states that won the most jackpots are New York, California, and Florida. In addition, New York just won both the recent Mega Millions and Powerball. A ... show more
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Atheists. Why is there so much opposition and controversy from Christians about your Book of Pages?

Atheists. Why is there so much opposition and controversy from Christians about your Book of Pages? Is it cause it is all based on removing souls from our lives? Because of throwing the elderly and n ... show more
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Are you a top or bottom?

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How do we find a solution to kill shelters killing innocent animals? How do we put a stop to it?

One that will work. Not everyone is going to get their pet fixed.
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Should we carry on with assesment?

Me and my husband were doing a connected persons assesment as our granddaughter is in foster care she is five months old . Our daughter was on heroin and the baby was born withdrawing. Our daughter is ... show more
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What does my dream mean?

This happened years ago. I was in space above the earth and I can see it if I look back, side or down. I can also see the stars and the sun. I also see the angel in front of me that he/ she told me wh ... show more
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Had Hitler concentrated on defeating Britain before attacking Russia would he have won the war?

Look at how he swatted the British and French like flies and almost brought Russia to its knees in real life. If Britain had been dealt with the Yanks wouldn't have been able to launch D-Day and ... show more
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